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Puppyshipping -- What I Hate About You
WARNING: Slash pairing, occasional coarse language.
Wheeler has this way of making me tense, which only reinforces my numerous reasons to keep my guard up in his presence. Aside from that, he's one of Yugi's friends, he's broke, he has a deadbeat dad, and he was formerly in a gang — the first reason of which is dangerous for obvious reasons, and the other three of which give him good motives to rob me. That would be a dumb move, but I could believe someone in his straights would try. He wouldn't be the first. Then there's also the fact that he's disgusting. And a mutt. I think I'm allergic to him, in fact. That would certainly explain why my gut feels so fucking wobbly in his presence. And the nausea. And that damn recurring fever that occasionally concentrates at my face when I'm with him for extended intervals of time. Clearly, I must keep my wits about me.
Although that's kind of difficult when he's just so goddamn easy to relax around.
Yes, relax. He makes me tense, he
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 25 6
Thiefshipping -- 'Where the Heart Is' P2
WARNING: Slash pairing, occasional coarse language, college AU.
That evening, as expected, Bakura returned home before seven. He had what appeared to be a knowing grin on his face.
Marik couldn't say he noticed it immediately — he was much too busy beating up gangsters in a video game on their dorm's PlayStation — but when Bakura cleared his throat, Marik looked up, instantly noting a definite change in the smirk on his roommate's features. He paused the game and pressed the 'save' option on the menu as he chuckled, "What's with the smile, Bakura? You look like Melvin does when he thinks about killing people."
"Oh, you'll find out soon enough," Bakura remarked mischievously, his gruff British accent gaining a sort of airiness that, for whatever reason, sent a light shiver down Marik's back. The Egyptian watched for a moment as the other student walked into their room, presumably depositing his bag, and turned around as soon as his older roommate was out of sight. Marik
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 22 12
Thiefshipping -- 'Where the Heart Is' P1
WARNING: Slash pairing, occasional coarse language, college AU.
Marik was starting to notice strange things about his roommate.
These last few months of coexistence had brought the Egyptian a specific image of what life in the dorm would be like. Bakura, another student, would consciously not give a shit about most of what Marik wanted. Whenever Marik would try to study, Bakura proceeded to watch TV on high volume just to agitate him; whenever Bakura would try to study, Marik retaliated by singing karaoke at the top of his lungs. They would argue over everything, from pizza toppings to domestic chores to miniscule habits that the other would find outrageously annoying.
It was a routine they shared. A weird routine, one that had made a comfortable mess of their lives, but a routine nonetheless.
When Marik paused to consider their "friendship," if he could even call it that, he saw that it was built upon mutual layers of distrust and mischief. If anything, the two of them were fri
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 17 16
Genderbent Yugioh Abridged Cover by Dreamnorn Genderbent Yugioh Abridged Cover :icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 31 36 Meowrik and Pawkura by Dreamnorn Meowrik and Pawkura :icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 28 29
The Anti-Homecoming Hide-and-Seek-a-Thon
One of the many reasons to attend an arts high school has to do with the many creative unofficial alternatives to events. If some students can't or doesn't want to attend something that the school plans, it's almost guaranteed that someone in your circle of friends would arrange a more entertaining or more plausible meeting. Whether it's similar or vastly different from the original school plans depends on the person mapping out the alternative.
The homecoming of junior year in 2011 was one of those school events that, even if I innately desired to go, attending would have been next to impossible. Although I give props for the James Bond, Goldeneye 007 theme for the dance, it was located much too far away for me, in a Los Angeles suburb an hour and a half away from my house. Cool as it might have been, I was in no hurry to force my parents to make what would ultimately be a six hour trip just for a night of awkwardly shuffling in a corner as people with dates jammed on the dance
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 0 0
Sofia and Brianna looked at each other, shrugged, and turned back to the lesson. Normally I would have quietly criticized such mannerisms, but at that point I hardly cared. I wrote the entire story finish to start.
I smiled. "I'm writing a story backwards. The beginning will be the surprise."
"In English?" Brianna, ever the eavesdropper, turned around.
"All stories follow that boring routine—lather, rinse, repeat. The ending is always last. It only took me until just now to realize it."
Grinning—definitely not grimacing now!—I reached for the pencil I took out and started to scribble away on my paper. Confused, I heard Sofia ask, "What are you doing this time?"
The teacher sighed, clearly reluctant. "I suppose…"
"Sir, if I can write a short story by the end of class, will that count as credit for my assignment?"
"Yes, Ryan?"
"YEAH!" I shouted, startling the class. The teacher turned around to face me, raising an eyebrow.
And that was probably the least appropriate t
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 0 0
GerIta -- Nightmare
Warning: Slash pairing.
Italy didn't consider himself a slave to routine. Even though Germany would get upset and yell at him whenever he showed up late or skipped out on training altogether, the auburn-haired nation couldn't bring himself to care. He liked sometimes staying in for breakfast or skipping down to the coffee shop; he liked sometimes stopping to pick flowers or chat with pretty girls; he liked sometimes taking a siesta or going into town for the afternoon. Every day was a little bit different, and Italy was happy to have variety.
But even amongst the random variables of his day, one aspect never changed – that Germany would go to bed at exactly 10:00 in the evening and, once Italy was sure he was asleep, he'd get into bed next to him and sail off into a dreamland of his own. And Italy's dreams were practically never sad nowadays, so the Italian always had something to look forward to.
The night had started off normal enough – at about 10:30 PM Italy starte
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 146 69
Hetalia -- Tuna Foam
Warning: Just.... warning.
As far as allies went, Italy was not one of the strongest nor bravest nor brightest – but damn the pants off of Germany if Italy wasn't a good cook (or maybe you should damn them off anyway). One of the things Germany and Japan always looked forward to was the brunet's meals, from pizza to tortellini to lasagna to other Italian-sounding things that they weren't sure what they were but they ate anyway because it all tasted bitching. Some of the food was so wonderful that they considered using it to make peace with the Allied Forces, but really, who would want to share such delicacies?
This is why on one fateful evening on the recurring island in the middle of nowhere, Germany and Japan easily had a moment that registered at least a nine out of ten on the What-the-Fuck-o-Meter.
"Finito! My new recipe is a go!"
Spontaneously, the hungry countries procured silverware and dealt bowls out of seemingly nowhere. With a polite smile on his face, Jap
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 6 10
The Right Words -- Spain's POV
Warning: Spamano slash pairing.
Whenever I look out the window absentmindedly, my thoughts wander to him. He's always there in the glass, pouting and glaring and calling me a bastard. But that's okay, because then his face gets red and adorable and just so cute that I want to hug him and never let go. It doesn't matter what important things were on my mind before, or if I strove to stay on track; there's no point in trying. Resistance is futile—just like if he was an alien trying to conquer the world!
Actually, he does have that weird little hair curl on his head that looks like an antenna. Maybe he is an alien! A cute frowning tomato-eating alien with chestnut hair and misty hazel eyes and sneaky little hugs that he gives me from behind.
Awwww… so cute, Lovi… so sweet.

Haha, you should see your face! You look so funny right now!

Oh, I get it. It's because I'm a guy, right? And that you would expect a girl to talk about a
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 26 11
The Right Words -- Romano's POV
Warning: Romano's truck-driver language; Spamano slash pairing.
Let me set one thing straight, okay: I'm not a fucking romantic. I don't read shitty gay vampire fluff and gush over soap operas and think through the process of meeting my "true love" someday like some kind of girl, complete with riding off into the sunset on a hot Spanish bu — a noble steed, damn it, because that's dumb and unrealistic and just not me.
Got that?
I'm also not the most friendly nation out there. I'm a cruel bastard, cruel to everyone I meet or have known for years, cruel even when it comes to the man that I lo—err, don't entirely hate.

But yeah. I'm mean. Not just kid-stealing-your-lunch-money mean, but borderline malevolent sometimes. I torment my impossibly gay younger brother (God, why is he so gay?) and his potato bastard lover (goddamn German) and that moron who's putting like an old lady in front of my car (I hope you go d
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 31 22
Pokemanz Sketchurz by Dreamnorn Pokemanz Sketchurz :icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 0 0 Nine Feline Virtues Sketch Dump by Dreamnorn Nine Feline Virtues Sketch Dump :icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 0 0 Human Sketch by Dreamnorn Human Sketch :icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 0 5 My First Original Character Ever by Dreamnorn My First Original Character Ever :icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 0 0
Sun-Grown Tomatoes
Warning: Romano's mouth; a completely cracky pairing in a somewhat serious situation.
Belarus brushed her foot on the ground sadly, sitting down hesitantly on a bench in the park. Her cheeks and eyes were stained with tears — evidence of another rejection from her brother. Natalia was a strong country and a tenacious woman, but her emotions and advances constantly being thwarted by Russia's resistance was beginning to wear her down.
She loved him. She loved him to the point that she would stop at nothing to force him into loving her back. But force seemed to not be working. This bothered her. Force brings people to submission, so why won't her brother surrender to her affections? It didn't make any sense.
In the hopes that it would calm her down, she took a flight to the sun-filled land of Italy. As soon as she stepped out into the warmth of this Mediterranean land, she felt herself stop crying, although it wasn't quite enough to cheer her up.
"What's wrong?"
The familiar v
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 2 1
WARNING: This gallery contains copious amounts of fail.

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Has It Seriously Been a Year?

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 1, 2013, 7:07 PM
  • Listening to: Animeme Rap Battles
  • Reading: My Own Fics to Edit
  • Watching: Yugioh Abridged
  • Playing: The Stare-at-the-Ceiling Game

...Because holy crapping Christ, that's a long time!

Hey, everybody... so... I have no idea who still knows I'm alive. In the time I've been gone, I've graduated high school, been accepted into college, fallen deeper in love with Yugioh as an ongoing obsession, fallen IN love with Homestuck as another obsession that's kind of running hand-in-hand with the whole Yugioh thing... intense stuff.

I actually am prepping to upload more writing, both to continue what I already have put on here, as well as other completed projects I've done this past year. I've been busy doing things, including starting a webcomic, working on a solo novel and a co-op novel, and beginning college. I'm in the honors program and am looking to major in Evolution and Ecology, but that unfortunately requires taking honors chemistry, which is  a massive pain in the caboose.  Then there's the humanity core, another year-long class that's decidedly on a subject I don't really care much about. Both of them look like they'll be hard, but at least I'll learn a lot from them. I look forward to winter quarter when I can take Bio 94 (the pre-evo/eco class). It'll be awesome!

Also, I've gotten better at drawing. At least, I hope. I may post up some headshots I've done of some primary characters from my webcomic, but that depends on when I can get a decent scanner.

Coming up -- uploading a new part of "Where the Heart Is" for thiefshipping and a puppyshipping oneshot called "What I Hate About You."

More YGO Writing (in-progress): further chapters of "Where the Heart Is" / a deathshipping piece called "The Lion and the Mouse" that involves lots of genderbending  / a thiefshipping companion fic to "The Lion and the Mouse" / an untitled puppyshipping piece

Homestuck Writing (in-progress): an untitled Tavris oneshot / an AU fic with the main trolls and humans as college students called "Alternia University"

:star: :star: :star:

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Hello, there. My goal here is to write fanfiction and regular fiction, receive comments and criticisms for my work, and eventually gain enough confidence in myself and my writing to go out into the world and publish something for real. :heart:

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These are Caiden and Maximus, my Dream Pets by Jianre-M. Thank you very much. C:

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